Artograph Projectors

Artograph Projectors

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Projectors have been used by artists since the 15th century. This technology has allowed artists to achieve higher levels of accuracy in photographic realism and scale their ordinal artworks. A must have, time saving tool for many professional artists. These days the two primary types of projectors used by artists are opaque and digital.

Opaque Projects
This tried and true system of light, mirror and lens is still commonly used today. These models are very reliable and can be much less expensive then the alterative. However they have less features and capabilities then the digital models. They use common fluorescent or photo-lamp bulbs and can project any 2D and 3D objects such as drawings, sketches, photographs, textiles, printed images etc.

Digital Projectors
Digital projectors use an LED bulb which can last up to 30,000 hours and be as bright as 1400 lumens. The brighter bulbs allow artists to work with less darkness required. Digital projectors project images that are in digital format which can be an advantage over the opaque models which need a physical copy of the image that needs to within a certain size perimeter. Another advantage in many digital projectors is keystone control. This feature is used to correct the screwing of the object caused by the angle.
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