Paasche Airbrush Compressors

Paasche Airbrush Compressors
Paasche compressors are designed with airbrush users needs in mind. The noise level, adaptability, portability, and power you're looking for will more then likely be found in this line of quality compressors. Most models have a moisture trap, gauge and regulator included.
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All compressors seen here are 110V (US Voltage.)

Paasche Compressor Specifications:

MODEL Horsepower Air Pressure Flow Tank Size Noise Level Auto Shut-Off
D500 1/8HP 1-30 psi .5 cfm N/A 47 dbs Yes
D500SR 1/8HP 1-30 psi .5 cfm N/A 47 dbs Yes
D220R 1/6HP 1-50 psi 1.2 cfm N/A 55 dbs
D3000R 1/8HP 1-30 psi 0.5 cfm 1 Gallon 47 dbs Yes
DA400R 1/4HP 1-50 psi 1.2 cfm N/A 50 dbs Yes
DC600R 1/6HP 1-55 psi 1.2 cfm 1 Gallon 50 dbs Yes
DA300R 1/8HP 1-35 psi .5 cfm N/A 55 dbs Yes

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