Hansa Airbrushes

Hansa Airbrushes
Hansa Topline - controlled double function for perfectly easy operation!

Hansa Topline airbrushes are distinguished by the "controlled double function" trigger action. This means that the trigger action works by just pulling back with out needing to push down. Providing paint a perfect mix of paint and air automatically.

Hansa is currently the only line of airbrushes available in a black chrome finish as well as a mirrored chrome finish.

All Topline airbrushes are equipped with a self-centering, socket-type nozzle system with self-sealing characteristics, progressive lever movement and an end piece with adjustable paint control. They can be rapidly adapted with ease for other nozzle sizes (0.2/0.3/0.4) without using other tools. The optimized color cup ensures a continuous supply of paint during vertical use.

Made in Germany

10 Year Limit Warranty on All Hansa Airbrushes!

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181 Gravity-Feed .2mm 2ml Controlled Double Function, Preset Handle
281 Gravity-Feed .2mm 7ml Controlled Double Function, Preset Handle
381 Gravity-Feed .3mm 7ml Controlled Double Function, Preset Handle
481 Side-Feed .3mm 1ml Controlled Double Function
581 Gravity-Feed .2mm 2ml Controlled Double Function
681 Bottle-Feed .3mm 7ml Cup, 15ml Bottle Controlled Double Function