Harder Steenbeck Airbrushes

Harder Steenbeck Airbrushes
August Harder Metallwarenfabrik and Wilhelm Steenbeck founded Harder & Steenbeck in In the fall of 1923 in Hamburg Germany. At first they produced electric parts for radio receivers and scientific lab equipment. Harder Steenbeck now strictly designs and manufactures airbrush equipment. They have been producing airbrushes since 1950. The company has developed a reputation for creating the highest grade airbrushes by combining cutting edge design and technology with superior quality materials.

As the first U.S. store to sell Harder Steenbeck products, we have an extensive knowledge of them and keep in stock the entire line of airbrushes, parts and accessories. Chicago Airbrush Supply carries the largest selection of Harder Steenbeck airbrushes, parts, and accessories!

All Harder Steenbeck Airbrushes are Made in Germany and hold a Ten Year Limited Warranty!

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