Grex Tritium.TG - Pistol Style Gravity Airbrush - Any Size!

Grex Tritium.TG - Pistol Style Gravity Airbrush - Any Size!
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Grex Tritium.TG - Pistol Style Gravity Airbrush - Any Size!
Grex Tritium.TG Airbrush
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The Grex Tritium Series is a truly unique line of premium pistol style airbrushes. The pistol style trigger action proves to be much easier to learn for most beginners and has converted many experienced airbrush users who prefer its ergonomics to the conventional top trigger style.

Pull the trigger and you will start to get air. Keep pulling and you will start to feel a little tension. Continue to pull after feeling the tension; that's when the paint will start spraying. The further you pull the more paint flows. Total control.

The ergonomics of the Tritium are impeccable. It is both balanced and light weight. The handle is perfectly formed to fit the users hand and is made of soft plastic. The trigger is also covered in plastic. These factors contribute to reduce the risk of "the claw" (a common unfortunate condition where the airbrush users hand cramps up into a claw like shape.)

Another advantage to the Tritium series airbrushes are their versatility. The TG is offered in not one but three nozzle sizes: TG2 .2mm, TG3 .3mm and TG5 .5mm. You pick the model that applies to your needs. Plus, Grex offers convenient conversion packs that allow you to convert the nozzle size with all necessary parts (needle, nozzle and cap) to do so. In addition to the wide array of nozzle sizes many cup sizes are available too. Included are the 2mL (1/20 oz.), 7mL (1/4 oz.) and 15mL (1/2 oz.) cups. Sold separate is the 50ml (1.7 oz) cup.

- Easy-to-use "pull" trigger controls both air and paint.
- Cutting edge design for precise control of fine detailed work.
- Internally mixed media for fine atomization.
- Ergonomic pistol handgrip with a textured surface for a firm comfortable grip.
- Patented Quick-Fit? needle caps are quick and easy to setup and remove.
- Quick-Fit? crown cap allows detailed spraying close to work surface.
- Rear handle Quick-Fit? needle cap storage for quick and convenient access.
- Interchangable top mount reservoirs - use the perfect cup size for your project.
- Inline top mount cups offer balanced handling of the airbrush.
- Cup design allows optimal paint flow even when the airbrush is held in an angle.
- Integrated paint cup is easy to clean and perfect for minute amounts of paint.
- Preset adjustment knob for precise paint volume control.
- Replaceable solvent proof teflon seals allows use of all media.
- Includes 3 reservoirs: 2mL (1/20 oz.), 7mL (1/4 oz.) and 15mL (1/2 oz.)
- Precisely machined stainless steel nozzle and needle.
- New design nozzle design for improved air flow and durability.
- Durable heavy nickel chrome plated housing.
- Convenient to clean design for ease of maintenance.
- Short passageway from cup to nozzle for a responsive feel.
- Convert to different nozzle sizes with optional kits.

Type: Double Action Pistol Stlyle
Fluid Nozzle: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, or 0.5mm
Feed Type: Top Gravity
Fluid Capacity: 2mL (1/20 oz.), 7mL (1/4 oz.), 15mL (1/2 oz.)
Weight: 180g (6.4 oz.)
Length: 159mm (6.25")
Oper. Pressure: 14 ~ 80psi (0.96 ~ 5.52bar)

Illustration, Fine art, Murals, Textile, Automotive, Body art, Woodworks...


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