MONA LISA Authentic Metallic Powders

MONA LISA Authentic Metallic Powders
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Product Description

Our "Authentic Metal Powder" is ultra fine powdered metal, very much like our metal leaf products except in powdered form. The essence of this versatile product is its ability to give you the true look of metal in any medium you wish to mix it with. True metal powders have a brilliance that cannot be achieved with Mica Powders.

If "Authentic Metal Powders" are left unsealed, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Antique Copper, and Statuary Bronze will patina or oxidize and give a rich antique look to your artwork. Metallic powders can be annealed in the oven. This works on items, which will not burn, at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. This technique lends itself well to polymer clay.

Metallic powders will take on the characteristics of the medium they are mixed with, whether it is a gloss, flat, frosted, or iridescent finish. "Authentic Metal Powders" are metal and carry the characteristics of metal and retain the look and feel of metals.

"Authentic Metal Powders" can be blended to create faux finished surfaces and create faux patinas. Mixing "Authentic Metal Powders" with liquid mediums creates the consistency and look of metallic paint.