1 Shot Fast Dry Gold Size, Half Pint (8 oz)

1 Shot Fast Dry Gold Size, Half Pint (8 oz)
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Product Description

1 Shot Fast Dry Gold Size is the perfect choice for all surface gilding applications. Usually reaching it's gilding tack in 1 hour or less, that window remains open for up to 3 hours for a brilliant and consistent gild every time. And by adding up to 10% 1 Shot 4007 Hardener, your gilds are suitable for top coating with most automotive grade clears in 24 hours! That same extended window for gilding allows for sizing larger areas at once, saving you time, money and frustration.

It is always advisable to test this, and all paint products on a scrap "test panel" when using.

LIMITATIONS: Best results, including drying times, will be achieved when temperature is above 65 F Not recommended for use in temperatures below 50 F


MIXING: Stir thoroughly. Strain prior to spray application.

DRYING: Allow at least 45 minutes before gilding (though significantly LESS time is required for varigated leaf, copper or aluminum). It is important to size a test panel of similar nature to test throughout the gilding process.

CLEANUP: Clean application equipment with 1 Shot Brush Conditioner and Cleaner.

SAFETY: This, and all 1 Shot and Chromatic products, are intended for professional use. It is not intended to be used in or around residential households. See Warning and Caution statements on label. For health and safety considerations, consult the current Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.